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Bday and Grandparents

Kenny's first birthday, and a visit from the grandparents

Kenny with his push toy Kenny's first birthday!

Eating the cake Playing with the shape sorter

At the Pacific Science Center Playing with a blower

Ken doing a center of gravity experiment Kenny gets a massage

Kenny plays with sand Walking on the beach

Kenny likes his lemons Playing with utensils

At the Kelsey Creek Park Family Festival - Kenny got a kick out of the chickens. They weren't so thrilled with him, though.

Lots of kid-friendly activities, but targeted at kids just a little bit older than Kenny

Eric was entranced by this 1928 25 horsepower Black Bear Oil Field Engine

Kenny and Daddy There were also some booths set up for people who live the way they did 100 plus years ago

Kenny picks out a pumpkin for himself

...and pets a llama On the deck

"Finger painting" on the foggy window Jake and Kenny

Emma, from our Peps group, and Kenny Kenny with some strained peas
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