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Parks, Puyallap, and playin' around!

Kenny eatingCrawling around on the bed

Swinging is fun!Kenny makes his famous 'gaggle-de-goo' sound.

Kenny kicks his ballKenny going up a playground structure

Underage bouncing on an inflatable toy structure at the Issaquah Salmon DaysKenny juggling

Crawling into the foldable laundry basketAt the Lake Boren Park festival

Getting up close and personal with the barkKenny in the backyard

Kenny and AngelaReading - or at least flipping through a book

At the Puyallap FairPretty talented pumpkin carving

The set of springs a "fling you into the air" rideEric getting some target practice

The Washington State Trappers Association booth.The fruit and vegetable section was pretty interesting. Wish I could get my produce there!

Our "pumpkin"!

Eric sprung for a fancy water massage
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