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A day...

A day in the life of Kenny - a great excuse to go nuts taking photos and videos

Kenny woke Mommy at 5:30! Kenny plays with the thermometer

Kenny plays with books Kenny is not really into disco

Kenny walks to Mommy Playing with hand puppets

Going down the slide Swinging

Getting dizzy Kenny walks downhill

Kenny watches Benji do somersaults It was an early morning wake-up

Playing with books Daddy tries to catch some zz's while Kenny is nearby

Going down for a nap isn't fun Playing with the phone is, though!

Getting a bottle Going for a drive Daddy's favorite store - Fry's Where we had a sandwich and some water in the deli

Kenny helped Daddy set up the TV mount

Love the elephant hand puppet! Sleeping during a labor day picnic at Luther Burbank

Kenny meets Sylvain and her dog

About to go down the slide With Steve and Ilana, and Benji and Marina
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