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Moving Day!

After more than a year of remodeling, we move into the new house

The original house A wooden patio, but no deck

The south side was a little messy

The windows in particular were very dated looking The master bathroom

Downstairs bathroom

We ended up selling the hot tub Back side of the house

Kind of like a 1960's apartment block The water heater burst and flooded the downstairs soon after we bought the house

The two bedrooms that are now the master bedroom Huge closet in large downstairs bathroom, with mirrored doors

Construction - new windows being put in Lots of studs visible

Replaced the siding as well...

A lot of rewiring The kitchen stayed pretty much the same

New tiling at the entryway I'm not so sure about the light green paint

Kenny's okay with it, though! Some new landscaping in the backyard

The original measurements that we made Moving day - the living room was the staging area

Jean came over to help watch Kenny We didn't think we'd need this many boxes - had to go to Home Depot 3 times for boxes times for extra
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