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Visiting NC

Kenny and I go to visit Eric's parents in Asheville and my mother in Charlotte

Kenny playing with his granddad Kenny with his first Cherrio

Ann explains her painting technique Kenny enjoys looking at the cat

Kenny plays on the dishwasher Kenny is packed and ready to go

In Asheville with Ken and Ann Ken and Kenny

Ann and Kenny Driving to the Arboretum, we saw a house trailer that had slid off the truck, onto the side of the highway

I'd like to have a little herb garden like this. The quilt garden

In the Vasilik garden

Getting a bath in the sink Kenny and his uncle Brian

Mom and Les feeding Conrad Mom with Kenny

Kenny borrows Conrad's little car

Kenny looking at a snake at an Asheville nature center

Watching the pygmy goats

Another splendid picnic lunch Brian will probably be buying this house
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