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A Day

We decided for no particular reason, to do "A Day in the Life of Kenny" - the kinds of things we do on the average day with Kenny

Kenny plays with Mommy's palm pilot Kenny gets a bath

Kenny gets his hair combed Kenny is frustrated

Kenny eats Kenny drinks

Kenny stands Kenny plays

Kenny gets strapped into the stroller Kenny doesn't like mashed potatoes

The day started out rough - Kenny work up around 5:30, so Eric fed him, then I put Kenny into his boucy seat where he took a nap Kenny wakes up from his early morning nap

And plays with Mommy Hanging out on the bed upstairs while Daddy takes a shower

Kenny loves my palm pilot He's starting to pull himself up on furniture

Getting a Sunday bath Kenny gets his hair combed

Eating some carrots A photo session with Kenny (best of at least 100)

A walk at Marymoor Park with Steve and Ilana and kids

Benji and Marina are almost exactly one year older than Kenny Kenny gets a diaper change
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