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San Francisco

We take a weekend trip to San Francisco

Kenny giggles wildly At the Point Reyes lighthouse

Waves On the cable car

Simon demonstrating a piston Simon demonstrating another device

Cork at the dinner table Driving down Lombard Street

Kenny notices bubbles I flew down alone with Kenny. Great views on the way down. This is Bainbridge Island.


Kenny enjoying the flight Dinner that night in San Francisco

We took a tour of Berkeley campus, and saw the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex

Interestingly trimmed trees around campus

Any guesses as to what NL means? (it means Nobel Laureate - they get their own parking spaces at Berkeley) We ate lunch here. Ann's kitchen in Asheville (Eric's mom) is much better!

At beautiful Point Reyes - the highlight of the trip for me. The blue markers show where the San Andreas fault is. At the lighthouse, which was unfortunately closed.

Beach views

Picnicking along the trail

This part of the trail reminded me of the last scene in the movie "The Sound of Music" Self-portrait
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