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San Diego

We took a weekend trip to San Diego

Our hotel room in San Diego at Holiday Inn (it was part of a package deal)The entrance at the San Diego Zoo

At the flamigo gardenLangurs

The orangutans were so entertaining to watch!

This bird was uncaged (in an aviary)

Kenny has on a cute sun hat!

MeerkatThese are the doors to the elephant cage - very sturdy!

This elephant was doing a little dance in front of the door, making the same movements over and overElephant toys

They fed the elephants while we were there. Seems like they really enjoy eating smaller tree branches.

For some reason the giraffes were licking this piece of metal

Feeding the water birds. The zookeeper had to constantly use a hose to keep the unwanted birds (mallards) away from the food.

They had some very handy inclined walkways to go up and down hills
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