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We spend 6 days driving around northern Arizona.

You can see the bark/wood differentiation pretty well on this one. At the visitors center were posted many letters from people who had picked up a piece of petrified wood, and sent it back later, conscience stricken, after attributing a string of horrible disasters to it. Here's one of the worst.

On our way to Globe, we passed this fire. The drive down the highway towards Globe was stunning.

The next day we drove back to Phoenix along Highway 88 - another very beautiful drive, only partly paved. I'd like to grow this grass as an ornamental

Damn on the Salt River. Blooming saguaro cactus

The pedestrian mall area in Scottsdale. I've never seen this many galleries.

Cute cactuses. We drove around the Paradise Valley area, a very expensive neighborhood. Some of the more interesting houses

It gets hot in Phoenix!
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