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We spend 6 days driving around northern Arizona.

A heavily traveled trail to the canyon bottom

At the famous El Tovar lodge

Feeding some of the pack mules that carry people down into the canyon. This was as close as Eric wanted to get.

Driving east along the rim of the canyon. Got a good view of the river.

After leaving the Grand Canyon, you're immediately in an indian reservation. There was a long row of stands, selling poor quality souvenirs, to walk past before they'd let you get to the view of the Little Colorado River... ...which actually was completely dry!

Saw one of the smallest camper trailers I've seen.

At the Wupatki National Monument. Lots and lots of ruins there - at certain locations, you can see 11 ruins on nearby hills. Felt pretty herded at a lot of points on this trip - especially in the national parks and monuments, you're very limited in where you can go, what you can do. There's tons of signs similar to this. I don't believe this was even a revegetation area - they just wanted people to stay out of it.

Spotting ruins in the distance. Volcanic rock at the Sunset Crater National Monument. Vey rough stuff.

Stayed the night at the La Posada hotel in Winslow, Arizona. It was right next to the railroad tracks, and was a very posh hotel back when rail travel was popular. A few years ago it underwent a major expensive renovation.

Winslow is famous for a mention in the Eagles song "Take it Easy". The town council put up this statue of the singer, plus a mural of the "girl in a flatbed Ford" mentioned in the song. The only clouds we saw were condensation trails from jets.

At the Petrified Forest National Park. Interesting, but this is another one of those parks where you're hounded and herded, and told exactly where you can and can't go. The painted desert Beautiful yucca plant

They let you view petroglyphs - from about 50 feet away.

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