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We spend 6 days driving around northern Arizona.

Hiking around Sedona. We borrowed a book from Inger on hiking in this area that turned out very useful.

This area here was supposed to be a "vortex", which is some kind of energy field, new age thing. I don't understand it very well. Prickly pear cactus fruits.

Beautiful yucca plants. Living in Sedona would certainly make it very easy to get out and hike - this beautiful area was only about a 10 minute drive out of town.

Eating lunch at a local campground. We attempted another hike here, but it fizzled quickly. These jeeps, and ones like them, were all over the area, doing tours.

We may not have seen the right area, but overall, downtown Sedona didn't impress me - just tons of tourist shops, along both sides of the road. The Fay Canyon trail was beautiful - also we hiked it in the late afternoon/evening, when the light was very good

These funny looking plants were all over the place - I think it was a saprophyte.

Hiked up to an arch/ruin. Neither were very impressive, but the view was great from there.

At the end of the trail. Lots of these lizards around.

Taking a drive on a scenic loop, we came across some members of a camera club from New Jersey, who were taking a trip out here specifically oriented towards photography. It was fun watching them lug their equipment around. They did pick a great spot, though.

Had some messy but tasty ribs at the Haunted Hamburger in Jerome. Breakfast at the Flying Eagle

Later on we went to a national forest northweset of Flagstaff, where there was a lava cave. We had a rude surprise when we turned on our (one) flashlight, and realized that it was very weak. We didn't go in very far, because we didn't want to get stuck in the dark. This ice was within about 10 feet of the entrance

Eating lunch at the Grand Canyon. We went to park ranger lead talk on the geology of the area.

Mule deer were right outside the door of our motel Lots of canyon pictures coming up!
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