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We spend 6 days driving around northern Arizona.

First day - first saguaro cactus sightingInstead of the compact car we'd reserved, we ended up with this minivan at no extra charge. Pretty convenient.

Our first stop was the archeology experiment/commune of Arcosanti, started in the early 70's and still being worked on. We took a little tour with a woman who lived and worked there.This is a model of the current and planned version of Arcosanti. What's currently built is outlined in black string.

They sell a lot of ceramic goods, as well as brass. These particular things are ceramic time capsules, which will be embedded into a wall - the white pipe thing is meant to be filled with artifacts.An open air area. If I understood correctly, these were built by piling up huge mounds of dirt, and then pouring concrete over it.

The tour guide (on the right) explaining the history of the place.One of the earliest structures built.

It was set in a beautiful area, with canyons behind itNot many people lived there permanently, and even fewer children. Apparently there was a serious accident recently involving a very young girl falling off one of the concrete structures.

The theater areaSome of the apartments must have a great view.

The foundry where they make their most profitable souvenirs - brass hanging chimes. We were lucky enought to see them actually pouring hot brass into the molds.It was fascinating to watch, but also seemed very labor intensive, and unsafe - like something you'd find in the third world. Here they're pouring molten brass into one of the molds.

Finishing off the brass. Already it's lost a lot of its heat - note the color is much darker.Some of the chimes, for sale in the gift shop.

At the Montezuma's Castle National Monument, a set of ruins. Apparently most of it is still original.

We met a man there who dressed up like Lincoln. We saw him and his wife at a few other parks as well.Lots of beautiful grasses in Arizona.

And cactuses, of course.Cooling my feet in a reconstuctred old irrigation ditch, at Montezuma's Well.

In the old copper mining town of Jerome.

At the Flying Eagle Bed and Breakfast, in Clarkdale. Very nice place, peaceful and out of the way.The innkeeper, Inger.

At a local chapel with a very good view. They had lots of exotic cactuses around.
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