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Christmas 2003

We visit North Carolina for Kenny's first Christmas

Ken showing Kenny his new Train (Ken's train) Ann demonstrating her apple peeling device

Eric and Kenny at the SeaTac airport Kenny fell asleep almost immediately, confounding sourpusses sitting behind us who expressed dismay at having a baby nearby.

A great view of Lake Washington and Mercer Island Looks like an lake of clouds.

Eric the Sherpa At Eric's parents house in Asheville

Kenny in his Christmas suit

Ann decorating the tree Kevin and Petra doing a crossword puzzle

Ann making lasagna Kevin, Petra, Brian, Sylvia and Kenny

Kenny's a long baby for being 2 months old! Lots of presents!

Kenny and the Christmas tree The best present this year wasn't wrapped

We also dressed Kenny up in a Santa suit


And a surprise birthday cake and presents! Christmas day brunch was eggs benedict

We found a good use for old bows Did a geocache at the University of Asheville using Sylvia's new GPS. Kenny was very bundled up because it was freezing!

Found it!
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