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September 2003

BEA Company picnic, baby showers, trip to Oregon coast, football game, trip to Mt. Rainier

We met the Lucases at the BEA Company picnicNot all that many people showed up, but we had fun anyway.

Terry and Sue LucasThey had a pig show - an adaption of "The Three Little Pigs". The pigs were new, and weren't all that well trained yet.

Dave Remy and his daughter in the hayride.There was a corn maze, in the shape of the state of Washington, with paths through it that followed the major highways of Washington. Interesting, but kind of tiring for me.

Eric found a loveable cat to play with.Ilana threw me a wonderful baby shower!

We painted onesies with fabric paint.

In Seaside, Oregon

We stayed at this bed and breakfast, the Guesthouse B&B in Seaside. One of the friendliest bed and breakfasts we've been to.

Ecola State Park

The little islets are covered with bird guano. Eric took this through the binoculars.

The Tillamook cheese factory was a blast!Cheese Factory

You get to see inside into the packaging plant. Very interesting.

The Octopus tree

The Rams vs. the Seahawks. These pictures are taken through a pair of binocularsSpying on people on the other side of the field is half the fun.

It was a sold out gameTom and Lisa
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