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Gulf Islands

Visit to Victoria, Saltspring Island, Pender and Gabriola Island. Lots of ferries!

On our first ferry, to Victoria, we saw a sailboat that had floundered on a reef, being salvaged by a crane.This group from Houston was going to bike around Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. They all had amazing little packable bikes, both tandems and triples.

The Beacon Hill Bed and Breakfast is where we stayed in Victoria. Friendly owner, lots of antiques.

The Empress Hotel, a landmark in towntown Victoria.The inner harbor, looking over to the parliment.

The breakfast room at the bed and breakfast. This is how I imagine people lived in Victorian times, in houses packed with delicate knick-knacks.The bed and breakfast was full of antiques. This chair would be a good one to reproduce in miniature.

Leaves of the Garry Oak tree, native to the area. The leaves seemed less chewed up by insects on the Gulf Islands.Jumping rope with a strand of bull kelp.

There was supposed to be a geocache here. We had no luck in finding it, though.Seals at the Oak Harbor marina. They were very interested when I pretended to have some fish in my hand for them.

A cloud that looks like it has a rainbow painted across it.A sidewalk artist drawing his subject. They seemed pretty reasonable - $20 CDN for a decent looking portrait.

This portrait reminded me of my friend VictoriaWhat a waste of time and energy. This woman had just finished sorting out a bag of garbage at a craft festival, fishing out the plastic bottles from the rest of the trash. I imagine the bottles were probably worth about a tenth of a penny.

We walked around the harbor looking at some of the very impressive boats docked there.This one had it's own helicopter.

More street life

This guy did an act that combined skateboarding, and balancing with juggling torches. Unfortunately the torches had gone out before he got a chance to juggle them.An art deco era house.

Eric was very interested in the royal geneology charts at the museumFound this worm-eaten log on a beach on the way to Port Renfrew.

...also this stone mosaic must have been made that same morning.and this cute little lady too!

Root of a fallen tree.Along the beach.
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