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Assorted Fall pictures

A bike trip over I-90, Kelsey Creek Park with Steve and Ilana, and a pumpkin carving party with Angie and Eric.

In the Mercer Slough area, next to the highway A strange park on Mercer Island. I think these are vents to I-90, in a tunnel underneath.

The I-90 floating bridge Looking from Seattle to Mercer Island

End of the bike tunnel in Seattle Steve, with a giant bumblebee in the background

Feeding the llamas Ilana in the final weeks of pregnancy!

Sheep wearing coats...for warmth?

Angie and Eric Bultemeier had a fall pumpkin carving party at their place
Eric carving up the turkey

Jessica Assorted party scenes

Sorting out the pumpkins seeds from the pulp. Later we roasted them. His pumpkin looks a lot like him!

The carved up pumpkins, all lit up. Great picture of Angie and Eric
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