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Houseboats on Lake Union

Friday evening we went for a kayak trip on Lake Union, and took lots of houseboat pictures.

We rented kayaks at Agua Verde. These folks went kayaking with their dog.The Eastlake Ave. bridge with a tanker.

A seaplane taking off behind us.An old ferry, Kalakala

The parade of houseboats begins!

Gasworks Park.Houseboats with the Seattle skyline in the background.

A houseboat with multiple iron scuptures.

Most of the houseboats float on these huge timbers, some of which look kind of worm-eaten.

Houseboat alleyWonderful deck.

Most of the houseboats have at least a canoe or a kayak.

This one is very sleek and modern looking, but not that appealing to me.

More houseboat alley.This houseboat was for sale

I was thinking that this boat was the "bunk and breakfast" that I've heard Seattle has, but I couldn't find anything on it online.Very boxy looking. I like the idea of a huge deck on top, though.

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