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Visiting Judy, Chris, and Sally

I flew to Dover, New Hampshire to visit my friends Chris and Judy, who have a 4 month old baby daughter, Sally (the most adorable baby girl in the world).

Judy and SallyThe living room

They have a great backyard, with gardenI think Sally is going to be a nature lover like her mother.

Going for a walk with Sally.Sally smiles!

Sally at the bookstore with Chris.Sally getting a bath, one of her favorite times of the day.

Sally also gets regular oil massages.Judy takes some time to make some of her handmade pressed-flower cards

Sally's toes are so cute...

Chris helps Sally turn onto her stomach.I got plenty of Sally time as well.

Only Sally could provoke such a goofy look!The guest bedroom was decorated with jungle murals.

Another bath!...and post-bath massage

Sally holding up her head.

Walking back home from breakfast Sunday, we broke into a run because it was Sally's feeding time, and she wasn't going to let us forget it.

Judy reupholstered this chair herself.

Judy and I took a drive to a beachside nature sanctuary.

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