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Snoqualmie Mtn.

Soe Htun and I try to find our way up Snoqualmie Mtn.

Soe on the hike. At this point we'd already missed a crucial turn-off. There's quite a few caves in this area--it's called Cave Ridge.

This is Snoqualmie Mountain, which we wanted to hike up. I think this might be Guy Peak.

Another one of the caves, which actually had a register. Unfortunately, a rock had fallen into the entrance.

More great views. Interesting rock formation--looks like a child's picture of a whale.

Tree trunk Great place for a campsite.

Yet another cave. I don't know if I would have trusted these ropes. Lunchtime.

This was really beautiful when I took it, but it was towards the sun. Eric thinks a polarizing filter would help.

Soe is hoping to win a photo contest by the maker of this backup. You can see the ski slopes down below.

I believe this is the trail we were supposed to be on. Beautiful fall colors.
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