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Biking the Burke-Gilman

Starting at Sand Point, the Friends of the Library Annual Book Sale, biking back home to Redmond.

I woke up early--the sunrise was picturesque. Kassi cat takes an opportunity to crawl into a box...

Eric managed to fit the bikes into the back of the BMW. We started out at Sand Point Magnuson Park. There was a display of works of art from young artists. I have to say, I wasn't very impressed.

Eric wasn't impressed either. This was also the weekend of Friends of the Library Annual Book Sale. It was fantastic. Hardbacks for $1.00, paperpacks for $0.50. Lots of great stuff there, but I ended up buying only a couple reference books, including some on sewing.

More art... Formerly, this was a military installation.

There's sculpture garden, made of parts of submarines partially buried in the ground. Pretty interesting. Eric and I at the top of the kite hill.

Eric took a backwards biking picture, over his head, while we were biking on the Burke Gilman trail. On our forth date, we stopped in this very same spot and took pictures...

More biking/photographic acrobatics. Eric took this picture of us holding hands while biking. Beautiful trees along the trail.

We stopped at a field right off the trail where enthusiasts get together and fly radio-controlled gliders. Some are launched with the aid of rubber catapults

Others are flung into the air like throwing a discus. One kid stopped by to show us a "magic" trick.

Later that night we had dinner with Rod and Shannon Chavez.
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