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Kayaking San Juan

Eric and Sylvia go on a three day guided kayak trip around San Juan Island.

This shows a lot of the route that we took. We put in at Snug Harbor, kayaked around more or less clockwise, and camped both nights on Jones Island.This is the Springtree Restaurant in Friday Harbor. A friend of Eric's that owns it has had management problems and is selling it. We spent Friday night in a hotel close by.

Getting ready to take off on the kayaksOur guide, Christian

Here we're passing along a shipping channel as a huge container ship passes us.A colony of nesting birds. It really stunk around there! The white on the rocks is all bird droppings.

If you really strain here, you can see the seals resting on the rocks.Passing through a field of bull kelp. This was quite difficult to paddle through, but great to hold onto to anchor the kayak.

Eric and I in the kayak. We called it the "Crimson Tide".This house has a great location, with it's own beach, and an attached peninsula

Our first lunch on Posey Island. We were definately well fed on this trip!

Strolling around the island.

This was the view from the kayak a lot of the time.Coming up to our campsite on Jones Island. It's a state marine park, with a pretty active moorage there.

The deer on this island were almost domesticated. They would come right up to you if you had food and literally climb on you trying to get it. Apparently they even get into tents.

Another set of kayakers were camped on the south shore of the island.Taking a walk around the island, we sat down, and Eric leaned back onto a little cactus, native to the San Juans. Very painful! I was picking thorns out of his back that evening.

These cactus plants are quite inconspicuous.Some pictures of the madrona tree. Very beautiful, with bark that peels similar to a birch tree.

Some of them had weird knobs sticking out.

The western shoreline of the island.We found some USGS survey markers in rocks on the island.

Some pictures of Eric and me.
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