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Our Engagement Party

Rod and Shannon Chavez were kind enough to host our engagement part at their beautiful custom-designed home. The best closeups here are from Gary Burd, who just got a new digital camera.

Before the guests arrive Andrew and Linda, with daughter Dagney

Linda taking some pictures with Andrew's new camera. Eric and Adam Bosworth

Settling down to eat BBQ Gary also recently got a new camera

Rich and Jane, with Kristen on the right Jean and Kay, Soe, Mei, Michael

Gary, Dinarte, and Grace Victoria and Brett on the left, Donica on the right

The kids are being read to in Bobby's bedroom. From left to right, Max, Bobby, Hannah, Dagney They also did somc crafts.

My engagement ring (on the wrong finger, because it's a little too loose on the ring finger) Rachael and Joe Beda

Dinarte and Eric Andrew and Rod

Shannon and Bobbie Terry and Sue
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