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Christmas 2000

Eric and Sylvia visit family in North Carolina for Christmas.

For the 2000 Christmas Holiday, Eric and Sylvia visited their families in North Carolina. Eric's parents are in Asheville, Sylvia's in Charlotte.  Most pictures are below. And here's some pictures of miniature furniture that Sylvia's father Alois made.
Eric's mom Ann making some braided fruit and nut bread.Eric's brother Kevin with his Jack Russell Terrier, Jessie.

Christmas tree at the VasiliksSitting down for a multi-course Christmas dinner

Brian is happy with his waffle makerEric's dad Ken is happy with his sweater

Missy hiding underneath the tree.The whole family after all the presents were opened

View from the dining area Christmas morningEric helps his mom out with dinner

Rolling out biscuit doughAt the entrance to the Biltmore Estate

Taking a tour of downtown AshevilleEric's brother Brian, pictured next to his alter ego, Lollapolluza the Clown

Eric and his mom in Black Mountain, standing in front of the Seven Sisters mountainsA woodturning shop in Black mountain

Ann prepared some tasty appetizers well as colorful borscht soupSylvia is mad at Eric because he wouldn't stop gloating over his win at Monopoly

Brian juggling lemonsEric and his dad look remarkably alike in this picture

Frittata for breakfast!The walls in the guest bedroom were very uniquely decorated!

Sylvia and the VasiliksSylvia with her father Alois

At the Moestl place
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