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Lopez Island Juggling

Lopez Island Juggling Festival at Steckler's farm!  Check out the nighttime naked juggling pictures!

We started the trip with a ferry from Anacortes.  Here's Eric and me, close to the ferry terminal. When we got to the Steckler Farm on Lopez Island, the juggling festival was in full swing.  Lots of interesting people!

There was, of course, lots of juggling going on.  Here's me, concentrating on juggling 5 balls. I was REALLY concentrating...

Eric juggling 5 balls.  He's a lot more casual than I am. Eric juggling 7 clubs with John.

Eric and I juggling We took some breaks as well.  I put this flower in Eric's sunglasses.  Cute!

This is John, juggling 4 clubs. Ben, juggling 5 oversized rings

There was lots of club passing going on at the festival. This guy was a little eccentric, but an amazingly good juggler.  He had 3 clubs down to an art--very graceful, like a dance.  Too bad we didn't have a video!

Amazingly enough, this one-armed man was a great juggler. This 16 year old was only only juggling 3 balls here, but he's very, very good.

This is generally what the scene looked like.  In the background is the Steckler house. A local Lopez Island band came and played as well.

There was a lot of non-juggling action going on as well.

This little girl was pretending to be a cheetah.  She came around to us, and ripped out Eric's entrails.

This is me trying out what's called "poi", which is basically a set of balls on a string that you swing symmetrically. Rope twirling

Umbrella balancing Cigar box manipulation

Diablo Stilt walking.  Notice the guy with the kilt.

Eric and I took a long walk around Hummel Lake before dinner. Here's folks preparing the corn-on-the-cob for dinner.
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