Charlotte, etc

A visit to Charlotte, Hippopotamus Cave, Babylon Arch, our Japanese homestay student

At the Parade of HomesOne of them had a bowling alley

Another snowfallVisiting Mom in Charlotte

At Landsford Canal in South Carolina

The chickens at Alex's place are very health is the cactus collection

Installed a shower grab bar

Zen trailHippopotamus cave

At the Best Friends animal shelter. It's weird to see horses lying like this, they look dead. But they're not...Eric wanted to take this kitty home.

Sand CaveGunlock resevoir was running high

Peter made eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce. I meant to get a picture before everything was eaten, but missed my chance.

Our Japanese homestaty student - RyotoA Meetup hike in the Babylon Arch area. Great scenery.

At the Japanese homestay students farewell event. Ryoto had a bike accident and sprained his elbowIn Snow Canyon

Made a glass bowl (with lots of pointers) in Kathi's studio