Spring -Fall 2021

Assorted pictures, including Porcfest, bike ride on Olympic Discovery Trail, Scottsdale trip

Selling my old Orukayak - just too wide and stumpyWith Culp

In my new kayak with JudyOlympic Discovery Trail, with Jean

The railroad bridge, a good place for lunch

My trusty bike, clothing strapped to the seat

Damage on the side of the bike trail

Along the coast, close to Port Angeles

See the geese and goslings in the back?

A house/airplane hanger combo

The Cross State ride on the John Wayne Trail. I rode a bike, most people rode horsesSome of my fellow bikers.

Some also pulled wagons

I believe this was a building that provided power to the trains

I had my inflatable matress set up in the back of my Acura RDX. It was pretty comfortable.These old rail cars are part of a bed and breakfast

One of the tunnels along the trailAn abandoned farmhouse, all fallen in

Peter's graduation

A party with Peter's graduating classVisiting Yellowstone

Peter and I took a bike ride along the Burke Gilman trail- a little bat was on the trail. Perhpas a baby?

At the Log Boom park

A bike ride from North Bend to Rattlesnake Lake. Lots of nice salmonberries along the way.

Beautiful sunset

Sky Combat Ace - Aerobatic flying in Las Vegas, with Eric and RogerOn Guemes Island - a picnic at Young's Park

Lots of cute little housesAt the Dog Woods

Having an ice cream at the store, before leaving the island

Porcfest with Peter - this is the stash of food bought at an Aldi's,Lots of interesting camp setups. We were in a very basic motel room.

On a plant identification walkPeter made Boffers, out of pool noodles and plastic pipe. Unfortunately they were stolen by the TSA when we flew home.

Lots of people were armedAt one of the talks

A talk by David Freedman

Tom WoodsJeremy Kauffman, founder of Odysee, and his 2 kids, and a goat

Somd interesting carved furniturePorcfest in the evening

A day trip to Littleton

Wow - lotsa candy!

Eric visiting NC for his mom's 80th birthdayMe, with covid

A moon snailGeoduck clam, a big group of people were "hunting" it

Pretty darn heavy!A lot of thrown away mask signs, at Roche Harbor

Hurricane Ridge, near Sequim. Unfortunately it was a smokey day, with no view

Fort Worden, near Port Townsend

Looks like this water tower collapsed

At the Olympic Game Farm, near Sequim. Kind of like a drive-through zoo

On Ediz Hook, at the McKinley Paper company

Great sunset from the patio

Peter made coffee jelloIn Yakima

A fair at the Central Washington Agricultural Museum in Yakima - a barrel organ (?)Tractor Parade

The Asian Pear tree in the backyard was prolificIt's hard to pin Kenny down for a picture

At the Enumclaw Rodeo, with Jean and some friends

There was a singles event run by the rodeo clown, which involved a lot of shoes and boots getting thrown across the rodeo groundsRoche Harbor - the Freemasons were having some kind of ceremony here

At the sculpture garden

Peter's first day of school at St. Monica's

A kayak trip to Chuckanut Bay. This is Chuckanut IslandSo many clamshells! The Native Americans have been discarding their clamshells here for millenia.

A protest on the NE 8th. St. overpass

Kenny bought a 2010 Honda AccordA nice view of the city, from Somerset Boulevard

Eric and I flew to Scottsdale, Arizona for a Cirrus event.Fueling up in Battle Mountain

No idea what these things wereLots of large mansions on the outskirts of Scottsdale

This interesting tree had green barkAt the Wrigley Mansion

The telephone booth room. Apparently guests were encouraged to connect their own phone calls.

The Grand Canyon

This is close to Zion National Park

Chantrelle hunting with Jean close to Rattlesnake LakeAt the Oct. 18th protest in Olympia

On the way back from our trip to Boise, IdahoTwin Falls hike with Jean and Kelly