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Spring 2019

Anderson Island bike ride, Orcas Island visit, choir concerts, and various other activities

Grand opening of the new park in Meydenbauer BayBiking along the Foothills trail

This historic concrete bridge - McMillin Bridge - was recently decomissioned.

Pickleball at the International School - I set up these ball barriers.

Peter gettng ready for a choir concert.

Turtleback Mountain on Orcas Island

This is supposedly an old Indian site.Saw this wagon through the trees...

This house was actually moved from another location.

At the historical museum in Cashmere

At the aplets and cotlets factory

Biking the Apple Capital Recreation Loop trail in Wenatchee

A huge fruit warehouseEaster

Peter got to turn the crank for the manual shearing of this sheepComposers Workshop concert for Somerset Chorale

I went to Charlotte, and my mom and I visited Historic Brattonsville.
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