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Los Angeles

A mid-winter trip to sunny but not-so-warm Los Angeles

On the way to Santa MonicaThe aerial rings area. The kids had fun climbing around.

The Venice Beach canals. Looking a little shabby--for some reason there wasn't much water, and it looked like a permanent condition.

Getting some wedding photos done

Biking around the Ballona Creek area.

Peter, feeding the pigeons some parched wheat.At the Starbucks in Venice Beach, they didn't have regular chairs. Probably too many homeless would stay there.

At Eric's old school in Camarillo

The house where he used to liveView from a nearby hill

Beverly Hills -- Rodeo Drive

Picking up the electric scooters every night for re-chargingPeter and I on an electric scooter

At the Getty Museum. Peter, imitating the statue above himThe place is gorgeous. I could spend a long time here. Everywhere you go is lovely.

Custom designed chairs

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