North Carolina Visit

We visit family in Asheville and Charlotte

Petra doing agility with StewiePeter gets to help with the course

At the pool

Visiting with Tom and Hoyt at the spash pool in Black Mountain

Catching firefliesAt Graveyard Trail

Kenny with the monster art book from Brian

Apple piePeter doing tricks

This bear was in front of the house when I came back from a walk

Kenny doing zipliningAt Grandfather Mountain

This may be the little cliff where Peter fell down and hurt his cheek many years ago - the scar is still visible.

Eric took this picture of a tadpole in a puddle

About to go on float trip

At the Woolworth Walk

Conrad with a homemade crossbow

Peter at the James K Polk log cabin

This is how kids in the olden days carried water

Ben's first birthday party

Natascha and BenAt Freedom Park