Shi-Shi Beach hike

Jean and I hike to Shi-Shi beach on the Olympic Penninsula. Also a few other pictures

Peter at the Greenwood Car ShowA street performer

Fourth of July on our deck - Peter with baby Bradon

Jean and I, start of Shi-Shi beach hike

The second half of the trail was a complete quagmire of mud. We saw 5 ATVs on the trail -- that was probably why.Funny looking cliff/wall right above the trail going down to the beach

Our campsite

We found a few precious strawberries

I watched these 2 shrimp battle it out, then one of the leftAt Point of the Arches

This deer was very unafraid

There were numerous caves, most not very deepThe same deer. It was eating seaweed

We had lunch in Sequim on the way home - here are the 8 new pickleball courts there