A tourist town in the Japanese mountains

Our bullet train on the way to Takayama. They really are very sleek.Some scenes from the train. There were lots of little rice paddies.

Our AirBnB house in Takayama. It was very much a mid 60's house.Finally had a TV again!

At what we thought was a grocer store, but what turned out to be a restaurant supply store - a huge selection of pickled vegetablesAt a "cook your own" restaurant. You chose your own cut of the heavily marbled Hida beef.

Grilling the beef at our tablePeter ringing a bell at the Hida Folk Village

This device was designed to scare away wild boars, apparentlyLots of wood-working shops in Takayama, selling nice looking furniture

Rice paddies, again. I wonder if the rice is sold, or just used by the family? Rice prices are sky-high in Japan, because of tarifs.

We saw this huge temple off in the distance. Apparently it's the main temple of a new religion called Sukyo Mahikari.Dressing up in traditional outfits at the Hida Folk Village

Some of the longest benches I've seenThey had some traditional toys and games to try

Interesting single log table

A snake sunning itself on the stone wallLots of houses that are traditional for the area

Some very thick roofs

They must not have had very many nails. Much of the construction relies on things being tied together

A lot of manual work (in this case, weeding) is done crouched down in Japan. There was a group of 3 men doing this. You wouldn't see it in the US.

Weaving sandals

Nicely designed tables and benches at the rest area

More hida beefAnd always plenty of noodles and rice!

A spaghetti noodle sandwich, with some pickled ginger.

The "cute dance"One of the many nice river views in Takayama

The morning market. Much of it was not tourist oriented, and I think a lot of it was more of a social opportunity for the older local ladies who ran the stalls.

It looks like this is an interesting, less expensive alternative to the fancy over-engineered fish ladders they have in the USThis temple in Takayama was combined with a playground

Most temples had an area like this, where you would tie your folded up fortuneBut this is the first fortune vending machine I saw

This space, right off a main street, had a sign saying "free lounge". It included a crib, complete with fresh white linen and a fluffy blanket!

Another Hida beef experience, this time a burgerYea for McDonalds! It's always comforting to just get a simple cheeseburger.

Some shots from the train from Takayama to NagoyaLots and lots of little garden plots everywhere

I think these bushes may have been tea

The airplane on the way back had a "Star Wars" theme