Best of Tanzania

Top pics from Tanzania

At the Arumeru River Lodge - there were loads of these tiny little deer called 'dik-diks'

Peter got a little birthday cake

At Arusha National Park.Baboons hanging out on the road

Blue monkey

WarthogsSome roadside pictures

On the way to Tarangire, we saw this bus which had gone off the roadAn elevated platform at the entrance to the park - monkeys everywhere!

Kenny enjoyed standing up in the truckBaobab tree with a big hole in it

Our first ostrichesHanging out in the shade

Guinea fowl

The wood of the baobab tree is very softOur very first lion!

Our little tentInside it was quite comfortable, with a toilet and bathroom. There was electricity just a few hours a day, but there were a few solar powered lights

Yech - a monkey had gotten inside the tent, and pooped on the tank of the toilet!Zebra

Lilac breasted roller

From 6 PM to 9 PM, you could charge cameras and phones in this charging area in the lobby, which was a hot mess of cablesThe zipper to our tent lodges had these funny attachments, which were meant to prevent the monkeys from opening the zipper, which otherwise they were apparently good at

Nursing baby elephant

Evening at the lodge

Morning view of the valleyScary bridge

Peter took this picture of a giraffe

Lots of oddly shaped termite moundsA classic

They had an enclosure for little kids. It had a sign saying "Masai school", with a blackboard and some numbers, but I'll bet it was just to keep the kids away when the tourists were around

At Lake Manyara National Park - there were so many birds that some trees were white with bird droppings

These cattle were frequently on the side of the roadTriple decker bunks in the dormitories. The students had just come back from vacation, so things were still in disarray

At the library. All the books were donations from the United States (for instance, the Magic Treehouse series, etc). I wonder if the children are interested in reading books that took place in a setting so utterly unlike theirs

They gave a presentation on the schoolThe players

Secretary birdPeter was tired with the early morning wake-ups

The first time we saw hippos! They weren't hard to find, and always stay in the well-marked "hippo pond"For lunch we "circled the wagons"

Lots of Masai villages between the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park. It was an extremely rough, unpaved washboard road

Having lunch. There were hundreds of safari tourists

Delux - elephants trooping past the balconyThe pool, with an elephant watering hole behind it

Dessert timeOur early morning balloon ride - getting ready to get in the balloon

Hippos from the air

Our balloon pilot (in tie) was an ex Portuguese army paratrooper

We got a tour of the facilities at the Four Seasons - this is their dry goods warehouse

Lots of women walking and carrying objects on their head

The whole tour groupBack at the same lodge in Arusha

Lots and lots of used clothing from Europe and the US for sale