St. George

Our spring break trip to St. George, Utah

A snowshoe trip hike with Alison and Wendy around Gold CreekWe stomped out an area with our snowshoes, so we could sit down and eat

Some blue sky peeking out!Skunk cabbage blooming at the Mercer Slough area

Kenny on ride to McMinvilleAt the museum of flight and space

Walking around Chambers Bay, the golf course in Tacoma. It's the site of an old sand and gravel quarry.Some great views before the rains came in

Peter with a bubble made of homemade slimeOur trip to Nevada and Utah. This is at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. They had some crazy wide chairs, designed for some very heavy people.

We saw these bighorn sheep off the side of the road.

This bridge is left over from a scene in Star Trek

It is kind of other-worldy lookingA view of Elephant Arch

At the Fire Wave walk

The actual Fire Wave rock. I think it's lots more impressive with the right lighting

A chunk of petrified woodMassive boulders of a funny composite rock

Making "sand waterfalls"

Some of the petroglyphs at Atlatl Rock

Two little baby bighorn sheepIn St George - Pioneer Park, a great place to visit and jungle gym for kids to climb around

This was an outstanding place to play hide and seekKenny, mid-hide

I've never seen this street sign before - no right-hand u-turnOn top of Shinob Kibe, which has an Aviation Navigation Arrow (how pilots navigated before they had radio, etc), a cave, AND an old indian medicine wheel, marked with rocks in a circle. We found them all.

At the navigation arrow

The old indian medicine wheel. It took us a long time to find.

The view from the inside of the cave. It was a little creepy, right near the edge.

At Snow Canyon State Park. That place was gorgeous.

You can see how the lava flowed here

Along the Hidden Pinyon trail

This funny marking in the sandstone is, I think, half of an embedded stone. The embedded stone is layered like an onion.

Here's some of the stones that haven't yet been worn down

Kenny climbed up to the pioneer name markersA layer of volcanic rock over the white and red sandstone

The entrance to a cave

The cave entrance, from above

St George has some serious pickleball courtsA monster WalMart distribution center north of St. George.

A interesting concrete bench design at the Red Cliff campgroundDinosaur footprints in the area

On an elevated, easily defensible hill were the ruins of an Anasazi village.In 1958, a Gary Cooper movie called They Came To Cordura was filmed here. The ruins of the set are still here.

The St George Splash Pad, a water park. Really well designed, with a little creek running through it and lots of sandstone boulders.

One guy laid across the creek and blocked the flow of water, causing the water level to rise in the "upstream" areas.These outdoor tables in the park had outlets to plug your laptop into!

We walked around Las Vegas on our last day. This is at the Bellagio.Unfortunately it was too windy for the fountain show at the Bellagio

McNeil Island, the prison island west of Tacoma