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Fall 2016

Monte Christo hike, Mt Pilchuck, Eastern Washington, etc

Clouds above Phantom LakeA quick trip to Lopez Island. The bowl I'm holding has cash in it - they're selling by the honor system

A submarine with escortHike to Monte Christo, an old mining town/mountain lodge

Old mining equipment

Cars used to drive up the road we hiked up

The kids had lots of fun on the railway turntable

It could be spun on its axle

A rare patch of blue sky

The trail was washed out here

Dinner at EckersleyKenny's ping-pong smoke bomb

At the Issaquah Salmon DaysPeter making cookies with a friend

Hiking Mt Pilchuck with Judy

Inside the shelter at the topThere were many of these really interesting rock formations at Mt Pilchuck

It was a stunningly clear and beautiful daySmokey the foster cat

Peter with his class on a field trip to a salmon hatcheryOn a trip to Eastern Washington - the Lake Lenore Caves
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