Eric and the kids go to Disneyland.

Kenny did not like the Tower of Terror.

Lunch!One of the kid's favorite attractions was the "Wilderness Explorer Camp" based on the movie UP.

A view of the Grand Californian from the park."California Screamin" was a favorite ride for the kids as well. Not so much for Eric.

One day, the coaster broke down with a set of cars at the very top. They had to get the people out.

The hardware for the "World of Color" show.Just before the show. It was quite spectacular!

We had dinner at "Ariel's Grotto" before the show.Lines are a big part of Disneyland

On the Radiator Springs RacewayThe nausea inducing California Screamin.

We are the first people on the Grizzly River Run ride.

Unfortunately, Peter banged his head on the ride. A Disney Doctor took a quick look and gave us an ice pack.

Many churros were consumed that week.The kids go on the roller coaster by themselves. Many times.

3, 2, 1, Go!Cars land was neat.

The "Radiator Spring"

These atomizers really cooled the place down.Space Mountain!

We met this family several times during our stay. Very nice people.Another roller coaster Eric does not want to go on.

Tom Sawyer Island.

It's a Small World!

We all got into the single rider line at the Matterhorn.

Jungle Cruise!

Splash Mountain.

Breakfast selfie

Swinging chairs

Kenny found lots of money while there.

At the Aladdin show.

The Lego store in Downtown Disney

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