Las Vegas

February trip to Las Vegas (and a few miscellaneous pictures)

Peter and Kenny - thank you letters.Peter's favorite songs - he's a list maker like me

At Lincoln ParkSome kind of...jellyfish?

At Peter's class potluckKenny science project

On our trip to Las Vegas, we went to Red Rock Canyon and took the Chacon Tank trail - very beautiful. Here we're squinting into the sun.

The rock from this area was quarried for building

Peter really enjoyed finding little caves to climb into

He really wanted me to take pictures of him, perched on top of various boulders

We could see all the way into Las Vegas here

At the Bellagio

The fountains at the Bellagio

In Valley of Fire State Park The Balancing Rock - not quite the right angle, thoughNow it's the right angle, but evening would have been a better time...

Many commercials and movies have been filmed hereWhite Dome trail

Part of a set from 1965 for the movie "The Professionals"

A slot canyon provided lots of photo opps

The place was like a huge playground for the kids

Peter making sand from sandstone

Peter found a scorpion under a rock on the Petroglyph trail

He also found a heart shaped rock!

Elephant Rock - I think the time to take a picture here is morning...

Nevertheless, there was a group of people taking pictures of a model

Kenny and his arrowheads

Taking a picture of my shadowAt the Hoover Dam

Ray Miller - our tour guide. Great guy, full of interesting stories

The water level is far lower than normal

Some of the cute old homes built in the 1930's, for workers at the dam.