Alaska Cruise

We took a cruise to Alaska on the Inside Passage with Eric's parents

Fetching a mini iceberg at the Mendenhall glacierViews on the drive from Anchorage to Whittier

First view of the cruise boat, the Carnival Spirit. We chose Carnival because they're the only cruise line that will take 2 year olds into their kid program.

Looking back at WhittierDinner the first night

Views from Prince William Sound

Kenny also saw the icebergs

And even Peter did!

Ann on the balconyDuring the lifeboat drill

Walking around the boat

Look carefully - I think that thing sticking out is an orca fin

Towel animals

I think the crew was practicing towel animals in the gym locker room - that's where this picture is fromI'd love to go on an extended kayak trip around here

Guess where we are?Tons of bald eagles around - there's one on one of these tanks

Taking a boat out to a kayaking locationAnother view of the Carnival Spirit

We went to a very quiet little bay to do some (very slow) paddling

Ken and Ann did the kayaking, tooLater on, walking around in Sitka

Getting on board the tender, to take us back to the ship

Getting into JuneauAt the Mendenhall glacier

I pulled this hunk of ice to shore for the kids to play with

Close-up through the binoculars - someone in a kayak on the glacial lake

You can see the glacial striations on the rocks

Hiking along the Outer Loop Trail near Juneau - Kenny ran ahead and found "surprises" for us

Interesting area of stunted trees

There were lots of good flat skipping rocks here.

Voila! The tide receeded to expose a little land bridge hereMaking rock piles, and Kenny had a little "workshop" where he smashed the thin rocks. Peter got to have his binky all day because he missed his nap.

Another view of the Mendenhall glacierSome old structures near the dock in Juneau - World War II structures? Or old mines?

Near the port in Skagway was a place where people had painted lots of ship logosA lot of the ports had banks of phones right next to where the cruise lines docked, for the cruise employees

The town of Skagway. Pretty much 100% tourist.On the White Pass train out of Skagway

The train no longer goes over this rickety old bridgeWe saw a bear along the way

At the top of the pass

A beautifully clear little stream ran alongside the train for a whileThe old trail

Dinner that night

Pretty windy!Peter loved the elevators

The town of KetchikanThere were 4 cruise boats docked here, and one out in the water

Tying up the cruise ship is a major undertakingEnjoying ice creams

We took a kayak trip in Ketchikan. It was VERY windy, and hard to paddle! Beautiful clear water, though.

These weird things out in the distance are sonar testing devices

Arriving in VancouverOn our way home, we witnessed a drunk driver hit a car right in front of us, and stayed to give a statement to the state troopers