Kenny and Eric Fly with Roger

When Roger calls and says "Hey, you wanna go flying", you say yes!

Roger in the pilot's seat. We flew from Paine Field to Olympia in Roger's Cessna 205.This was Kenny's first time in a small plane!

He had a lot of fun.A private ferry between Herron Island and the penninsula.

It was a perfect day to fly! Great views Mt. Ranier.Lot's of stuff growing on this lake.

Roger got clearance to fly over Seattle. There was not much air traffic in the area.The port.

The stadiums.Bellevue.

I-90 from Mercer Island to Seattle.Seward Park.

520.Somerset above I-90.

Somerset.Our House. Roger circled the neighborhood!

I-90 to Issaquah.Interchange at I-405 and 522.

Roger's Aviation GPS.Roger and his family live at this lake.

Landing back at Paine Field!