Parks, daycare performance, first haircut

Peter practices crawlingA unique piece of playground equipment

Peter loves chewing his toyKenny's daycare class does a performance

More performanceYet more performance

Mr. Doug singing a songA beautiful sunset from our house

At a playground we've never been to - Powell Barnett Park in Seattle. Great equipment, the neighborhood is a little sketchy, though.

Peter loving the swingKenny on a funky rope sculpture

Peter is starting to pull up on things

A stranger in Kenny's drawer (actually it's a stuffed pair of his pants, with shoe attached)Discovery Park

Kenny in a fort

The Fremond bridge troll was a little scary for KennyA trip to the University of Washington. Their main plaza area is very uninspiring

They had a very interesting exhibit of children's educational books throughout the years. I don't think that B for Beer and C for coffin would pass muster in children's books today.Yet more old children's books that would never be published today.

On a cherry tree

Kenny took this picture. Not bad.At Farrel McWhirter park in Redmond

Somebody needs a haircut!

The SpringFest from Kenny's daycare. This is the Orca class

At a random park in Edmonds, Kenny hopped around a creekWe saw a salmon in the water

Kenny gets his first professional haircut! Up till now, I'd always cut his hair at home. The Before pictureDuring