We visit the Blatts in Cancun for Thanksgiving

Swinging with Benji and Marina on Isla MujeresSwimming in the hotel pool

Flying to CancunGreat views of Mt. Rainier from the plane

Grand canyon from the plane

Kenny and Dad in the hotel poolVisiting the Blatts - we see Benji and Marina again!

We were at the Blatt's school for a Thanksgiving potluck

Ilana's classroom

Isla Mujeres

Our hotel (JW Marriott) from the backThere was a particular pool at our hotel that was used only for scuba lessons

Our hotel had close to no beach, unfortunately. Good thing the pool was great.Peter and Kenny in the hotel room

The scuba pool from above

At the entry to our hotelAt the local Wal Mart. Selection wasn't nearly as good as an American Wal Mart. Also - there were tons of sales clerks around, standing in front of the merchandise - the only thing I can think of that they were doing was guarding it.

We have both of these 2 bouncy seats for Peter. They're so much more expensive in Cancun - almost twice the cost.Hanging out at the hotel

Taking a walk down to the main strip. It wasn't very pedestrian friendly.Eric and Kenny went to Chichen Itza

The ruins at Tulum. I love visiting ruins, generally. I have to say that I was disappointed with Tolum. Very crowded and touristy, PLUS there were rope barriers set up very far away from what you were supposed to be viewing, so you couldn't even get close. Not at all like Turkey, where you could crawl over everything.

These looked like old souvenier stores

Kenny really enjoyed finding the lizards

The beach at Tulum - very crowded

A guy repairing the mortar on one of the pyramids. The fact that this was happening so casually made me suspect how much of the original all these ruins contain

Interesting fungus on the logs

Back at the pool...