New camera

Bike ride on Green River Trail in Renton, new canon SD700 Digital ELPH, hike on Naches Peak Loop trail at Mt. Rainier

Kenny hiking on the trailEating lunch

Wading in the lakePanorama of the trail

Picking blackberries on the Green River Trail - we were on a bike rideKenny picked a whole cupful of blackberries

On a bike bridgeWith Mt. Rainier in the background

We saw about 5 structures like this - they looked like shacks homeless people had builtOn the Naches Peak Loop trail in Mt Rainier National Park. The scenery was gorgeous.

It was a little tricky crossing some of the snowfields.

It took some coaxing, but I got Kenny to lay down here amongst the flowers

Lunch at a little lake

We also waded around in the lake

Finally a great view of Mt. Rainier

Kenny enjoyed running on the trail, especially when I said, "I'm getting ahead of you!"Back when I hiked a lot, I used to know what this flower was...