A bike ride in Renton, then we go crazy taking pictures because we got a new camera (Canon Powershot S45)!

Biking under the I-405 underpass. We were on the Cedar River Trail, which is pleasant only if you don't go along the section that parallels the Maple Valley Highway.We stopped by the Renton Historical Museum - used to be a fire station

Talked to the friendly ladies selling tickets. They have a really old cash register there.Along the way to Lake Washington was an exercise. I found to my chagrin that I can't do the monkey bars anymore - and I used to be a champion on them when I was a kid! I guess I lost too much upper body strength.

And now - pictures taken with the new camera! Eating breakfast at the Maltby Cafe, where you don't get a plate, you get a trough.Their cinammon roll was about the size of a dinner plate.

Went to a cat show in Monroe. There was judging going on all the time. It wasn't really a place where you could pet a lot of cats, though - lots of them had "please don't touch" on their cages.We were able to pet this one. Now this was a funny looking cat.

The finalistsSaw this book laying around. Now that's something I've never seen before

After the cat show, we went to an RV show. Someday we'll own one of these suckers.We headed straight for the Airstreams, my favorites. I'm not sure they're worth the extra money, though. Plus, they don't seem to be as efficient at using space.

This airstream was cool and retro.

Still, I think they emphasized style over funcionality. For instance, they wasted about 3 inches of potential storage space in the bottom of these cabinets in order to have built-in counter lighting.

Various interiorsThe van conversions were pretty cool.

Some were just way too luxurious - with full refrigerators, fancy bathrooms, full size TVs, fake fireplaces, etc.

This "Cozy Cruiser" was interesting looking, but I can't say I think it's a whole lot better than a tent.

A mini-hike in Cougar Mt. State Park.

Lots of old shafts and coal-mining equipment left there.

Juggling pictures

Ilana and Steve came over for dinner.

Ilana started to learn how to juggle, too.