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Part 3

Arthurs Pass and Fox Glacier

I was interested in looking at some fossils here, so just south of Kaikoura we stopped at a spot where there's supposed to be many, along the beach.Here's some of what we found.

The fossils were crumbling off this cliff.Pretty coastline.

Some large boulders on the beach also had tons of embedded fossil shellsI was thinking this might be an old dinosaur bone, in cross section...

A stream going into the ocean ran above the surface for a few feet, then disappeared again.New Zealand has many huge and beautiful hedges to separate fields.

Our first encounter with speargrass. Very sharp, stiff leaves!This is Castle Hill - an awesome set of limestone outcroppings on the way to Arthurs Pass.

I had to climb into this little hole.

Eric managed to climb to the top.This place was so amazing that I had a hard time deciding which pictures to exclude!

This little garden area was enclosed naturally by the rocks.

Steep drops here.

I could have spent days here! Unfortunately it started to rain.
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