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Our favorite pictures

The best of our New Zealand pictures

Just before we left, some wacko tried to set off a bomb carried in his shoe. So at the airport, they checked our shoes very carefully, because we fit their profile - one way ticket, bought the ticket within three days, and it was an international flight. The inspector was super friendly, though.This is the Whakapapanui Stream, in Tongariro National Park. Very beautiful little stream, running through what looked like a volcanic basin.

We stopped for tea at this DC 3 airplane, turned into a cafe. It's advertising a cookie company.Really neat clouds on the way south.

Wellington is a very scenic city, on the water and with lots of hills.The famous tree ferns of New Zealand.

The view from our dinner table. We really loved having the back doors open.We actually got to walk up the organists tower in the Nelson Cathedral and watch her play. Looked like a lot of fun - definately a whole body experience, with all the foot pedal usage.

These kids were playing for money on the street. They were pretty good at it, too, and had a few pieces well worked out.We stopped and took a walk at the Kawatiri junction that has an old railway tunnel and bridge, no longer in service. One thing that's different here - many, many people (especially kids) walk around with bare feet!

We saw lots of converted Japanese buses used as campers. Also some homemade campers, very interesting looking.This horse galloped up to us when we stopped, kicking dirt over our heads.

Even though we'd only been here a few days, this is probably the thousandth sheep we saw. They're quite timid, and run away when you stop to take a picture.Headed over Lewis Pass - the St. James Track tarn area. It was incredibly beautiful, with delicate little trees festooned with moss. The pictures don't do it justice.

The landscape on the way to the east coast. Beautiful.We took a long walk around the coastline.

On the rocks everywhere was this type of seaweed, like strings of tan pearls.Fascinating how the rocks layers folded like this.

On the hilltop part of the walk. Lots of electric fencing in New Zealand.Eric found a cat to pet at the top. I wonder if it sat there just to enjoy the view?

Some large boulders on the beach also had tons of embedded fossil shellsNew Zealand has many huge and beautiful hedges to separate fields.

This is Castle Hill - an awesome set of limestone outcroppings on the way to Arthurs Pass.I had to climb into this little hole.

We spent the night at a pull-off at Lake Pearson. Having the doors open makes me feel like I'm outdoors.
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