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Wedding on Kauai

We got married in Kauai.

Eric sprung for an upgrade to first class on the flight to Hawaii. It was a first for me.David Bau and his son Anthony. David Bau and his family stayed at the Marriott too.

The Kauai Marriott that we stayed at had lots of koi ponds.We went to the Pono Market (kind of a Hawaiian style 7-11) to meet the guy who made out our marriage license.

Eric and I met my dad at the airport with a lei.It was nice and sunny the 24th. The hotel pool was about an acre in size.

My dad at the pool.Beyond the Marriott was a shopping center that had been abandoned since Hurricane Iniki, in '92.

We stopped to look at some sugar cane on our way to Waimea canyon. The sugar mills have shut down on Kauai, but there's still sugar cane in many of the fields. I cut off a piece, but it must not have been ready yet - it was only mildly sweet.Looking into Waiamea canyon.

Lots of roosters and chickens hung around the overlooks, waiting for handouts.

At the end of the Waimea canyon road.

Dinner that night at Dukes.

Great shot of Ann and Ken, taken by Kevin.The morning of the wedding - Eric with his parents.

Getting married!The deed is done.

Jean and Kelly helped me out a lot on the morning of the wedding.We were happy so many friends could come to be at the wedding.

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