Whistler weekend

We took a long weekend to go to Whistler with some friends

The day before we left for Whistler, we saw three coyotes wandering around the neighborhood. They weren't frightened away when I stopped in my car, but when I tried to get closer to them, they ran off.Stopped for a rest in Horseshoe Bay.

A mini-houseboat in the bay.I surprised Bobby in the act of starting up the fountain

Sylvia and Jordan.Omri and Heather. Heather had a boo-boo from diving out of her stroller.

Gary and Grace's 2 month old son Colton.The view from our room

The inside - a very nice compact little suit, with kitchen.Views of the pedestrian area in Whistler.

There was a Porche exhibition in town Saturday morning. Dozens and dozens of Porches, which I believe were being judged.

Putting on the finishing touches.Saw lots of mountain bikers out in what seemed like football gear - very well protected. I'd want to be well protected as well, if I did what they did.

Took the gondola up in the afternoon.

Okay, it's a little inconvenient, but what a view...Jordan, Heather, and Hanna playing on a chessboard.

At Blackcomb base, they had a trapeeze set up, open to everyone. I didn't know it was that easy!Hannah on a trampoline-type springy device.

Some of the characters around Whistler. I'm pretty sure the town council hires them to walk around and be entertaining.Gary just got a hug.

Going out to dinner together at QuattrosGary just didn't know when to stop when it came to desert.

Eric figuring out how much everyone owed.Shannon Falls, on the way back home.

We were thinking of going through the Museum of Mining, but contented ourselves with looking through the gift shop.