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Part 1

Notre Dame, the Seine, Louvre, Right Bank

On the way out of SeaTac Airport, we flew right over our neighborhood, and had a great view.  Unfortunately we weren't able to get the camera out until we were further east, above the Cascades.Our first view of Paris!  This is at the Boulevard Saint Michael Notre Dame RER station.

The view from the balcony of the Hotel California, where we stayed.I think Hans and Holly stayed at this place, very close-by, when they were here 2 years ago.

Our first purchase in Paris was of a tandoori chicken panini sandwich, from this very friendly Vietnamese guy.  He was playing Laotian music on the radio, which I recognized.It was a shock the first time we saw one of these super small little cars, but they're fairly common in Paris.

Walking towards the Notre Dame cathedral, we saw a bookstore dedicated only to old Jules Verne books.Notre Dame, and the Seine.

The Prefecture de Police (it faces Notre Dame)The famous gothic cathedral of Notre Dame.  Not many tourists around at all at this time of year.

This is Point Zero in France, right in front of Notre Dame.  All road distances are measured from here.All three entrance doors had some very elaborate iron work.

In the middle ages, these statues next to the entrance doors were brightly painted to help people understand bible stories.

Inside Notre Dame.Inside, there were many spots where you could light a candle and pray to a particular saint.

Right next to the candles we found this handy blanket to throw over people who have been set ablaze by the candles. I imagine that it's happened before.

Lots of women were wearing fur coats!  I assume it's not as politically incorrect as it is in the US.A statue at the outside door--Adam and Eve eating of the Tree of Knowledge, tempted by a serpent (the top is a woman, the bottom a serpent).

Here you can see the flying buttresses, and some of the gargoyles (which were added in the 1800's).We relied heavily on a couple guidebooks to tell us what to see.

A lovely park behind the cathedral gives a great view of Notre Dame as well.

These barges on the Seine are supposedly for rent to tourists as a substitute for hotel rooms.  Sounds very romantic!You can stroll along the Seine, taking in the sights.  A lot more is happening in the summer months, but there's still some people out and about.

I really liked these little shops along the Seine, which sold mainly old book, manuscripts, prints, and postcards.  At night they locked everything up, and you could see nothing but big green metal boxes along the walkway.This little piggy is going to be a delectable morsel tonight.
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