August 11

Driving back to Anchorage

On the 11th, we drove from Valdez to Anchorage.  This is the bed and breakfast we'd been staying at in Valdez, called L & L's Bed and Breakfast.  The blue car is our rental car, a Kia.The best scenery of the drive was going throught the mountains north of Valdez...magnificent!

Worthington Glacier is one you can access just off the highway.  They'd completely redone the whole parking area and paths.

This is me in front of the glacier.

This is one of the many places you can see the pipeline. It's interesting to see how they made it relatively earthquake proof--the pipeline can slide around on the platform, and has flexible fittings.

An old, non-functioning gas station in Copper CenterA lot of the drive was through boring tundra.  Miles and miles of short little spruce trees on either side.

This is getting closer to Anchorage, and the Chugach range.

You can see a typical braided riverbed down below.

This is the Matasuka Valley glacier (I think.

I found some raspberries bushes right off the road--loaded with beautifully ripe raspberries.

A junkyard (antique store) that we stopped in just outside of Anchorage.