August 9

From Seward to to Valdez via Ferry (Prince William Sound)

On the 9th we drove from Seward to Whittier, and then took the ferry from Whittier to Valdez.  You have to take a tunnel from Portage Lake to Whittier, which up until a couple months ago was only open to trains.  At Portage Lake, we saw our first iceberg (actually, I don't think they're called icebergs when they're this small).  Later on the same day, we saw many, many more.This is the town of Whittier.  We had some time to kill before taking the ferry to Valdez, so we walked around.  It was super windy, but a very beautiful day.  Highly unusual this time of year.

The building in the background was an old military building that was built to house troops in WW2.  It's currently abandoned.

The ferry trip was stupendous.  Lots of people bundled up and sat on the observation deck, where they had lounge chairs.  The ferry actually has a naturalist on board from the park service, and stops at various locations to give explanations about what we're seeing.It seemed as though every slope had a dozen waterfalls cascading down the side.  Very beautiful/

This is one of the glaciers we saw from the ferry

Tom and my dad.

Looks like some great spots for kayaking.

Those brown spots you see is colony of sea lions.And even more sea lions...

I thought the color of the water turned out great here.  And check out those caves and arches in the rocks!The beginning of the icefields!

Looks like a little bear, maybe?

The boat had to maneuver pretty well to avoid the ice.  We only hit one piece that I heard...everybody made Titanic jokes!

And here we're arriving in Valdez.  You can see the pipeline terminal off in the distance.