August 7

From Anchorage to Seward

On the 7th we drove from Anchorage to Seward.  It's actually only about a 2 hour drive, but we stopped so often it took us about 7 hours to get there.  Seward is the southern terminal of the railway.At one point there were about a dozen cars and tour buses stopped at the side of the road.  We stopped as well, and saw what they were looking at, a bunch of Dahl sheep.

A salmon fishing spot off the highwayIn Girdwood, there was a jade shop.  This one boulder of jade is being processed.  You can see the saw cutting through it.

This is the Portage Glacier area.  The glacier has receded a lot, to the point that it's not touching Portage Lake anymore.

This is another salmon viewing area, although you can't see too many salmon in this picture.

This is the outhouse at a  rest stop we pulled off into.  A tour bus had just happened to stop in at the same time.Here we are in Seward.  Seward is a a favorite stop for cruise ships touring Alaska

It's also a big fishing town.  Walking around the harbor, almost all the ships you see are fishing boats.  It seems the water is too rough to make pleasure boating a very pleasurable experience.We drove out to a shipyard outside of town.  It looks like it's partly a ship graveyard, and partly a spot where they repair boats.